Friday, November 6, 2009

And So It Begins...

True story: The very first thing that went through my mind when we found out the triplets I was carrying were all boys was how accident prone my little brother was. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this here before... So Wednesday night we had our first true taste of that. Here's the shortened version of what went down.

Keep in mind that Wednesdays are late nights for Nick at church - he usually arrives home around 8:15, after the boys are in bed.

At about 7:30 Jackson was sitting at the kitchen table in his jammies, brushing his teeth. He announced he was all done and handed me his tooth brush. As I turned to put the tooth brush in its holder I heard a loud bang and turned around to see Jackson had tipped over backwards in the chair (counter height) and landed on our tile floor. Now before you all panic, this has happened numerous times to all three of the boys without much crying or pain. Even so, you would think they'd have learned by now to not tip in their chairs like we tell them 5 times a meal.

Instead of taking only a few seconds to calm down, Jackson went ballistic for several minutes before I got him calm. I checked his eyes - yep, dialating just fine. Although he was doing a weird blinking thing that he hadn't been doing earlier. He complained a few times his head hurt, which was to be expected. Every few minutes I felt around the back of his head for a bump. Instead of a bump it felt like his head was dented in though (I of course compared with the identical two skulls in the other room).

The on-call doctor thought I should have it checked out and possibly have a CT Scan done, so I loaded the boys up (jammies and mismatched socks and all) into the Jeep and headed to the nearest Children's Hospital Urgent Care. Nick met us there and after 40 minutes took the other two boys home. 2 hours later an actual doctor finally saw Jackson and by then (almost 3 hours after the fall) the swelling in his head was gone. Of course. Oh well. Hindsight is 20/20 right? So no CT Scan was done and I was sent home with a sheet of paper telling me to give him medicine for the pain and call his doctor in the morning if I was still concerned.

Now to just hope we didn't catch anything while we were there! The waiting room was full of kids wearing masks. Yikes! The nurse was nice enough to give me a pager so that Jackson and I could wander the less germy halls and chapel area, so hopefully that helped. We still stripped the kid down when we got home at 11:30pm and changed his jammies.

Fun times are in store for me in the coming years, aren't they?


Jennifer said...

My little brother is accident prone also, at 25yo. A couple of weeks ago he stabbed his finger to the bone trying to cut a ziptie with a pocket knife.

Fortunately, neither of my boys have had any of that kind of fun yet!

Glad Jackson is okay, how scary! Do you think it will result in less chair tipping?? ;)

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Have I ever told you that we have the same table as you (I've seen it in your pics). We had the same problem and ended up rearraging so that the boys sit between the table and the wall. Now if they tip back - the chair stops against the wall and they don't fall.

Glad he wasn't hurt too badly!

The Lane Family said...

I do not think it is just boys!! I have had one of our twins Avery in the ER a couple of times for having weird accidents.

breckholladay said...

I remember wondering if we would get a call from child protective services to make sure we neglecting your little brother. So many trips to the Dr.......

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