Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Savings - A Wow Week!

I apologize for the late posting this week! I usually like to have this go up early Saturday morning so that my Kansas City friends can scope out the deals prior to hitting the stores themselves, but I had to go this morning. Why? Because Hy-Vee is having an amazing 6 hour sale that started at 8am this morning! I do believe this was my biggest shopping and savings trip to Hy-Vee yet...

Sorry the table is a big jumbled mess! I wasn't even sure it would all fit, so I wasn't overly concerned with display. Oh and I have to give credit to Nick for the tower on the table (he and Chase were crouched behind it in the picture). Everything you see here cost me just $86.80, but wait until you see what it retails for!

2% Milk - 2 gallons
Brown Sugar
Eggs - 2 dozen
Tomato Sauce
Diced Tomatoes - 2 cans
Cinnamon Graham Crackers
Peanut Butter

Price Chopper:
Margarine - 3 boxes
Birds Eye Veggies - 1 bag
Fisher Boy Battered Fillets - 1 bag
Playtex Hand Saver Gloves
M&Ms - small bag
Crystal Light To Go - 2 boxes
Hamburger Buns
Hot Dog Buns
Advil PM
Pears - 4.3 pounds
Russet Potatoes - 5 pounds
Yellow Onions - 3 pounds

(6 Hour Sale Deals marked with *)
Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Pasta - 2 boxes
Crunch and Munch
Dole Salad Blends - 3 bags
Lay's Potato Chips - 2 bags *
Sara Lee Bread - 3 loaves
Hy-Vee Shredded Mozzarella - 2 pounds
Bananas - 4.16 pounds *
Boneless Skinless Chix Breast - 3 pound bag *
80% Ground Beef Roll, 1 pound - 5 * 
Kellogg's Apple Jacks - 2 boxes
Kellogg's Fruit Loops - 2 boxes
Dial Hand Soap
Glade Soy Candle
Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt 4 pack - 3
Yoplait Delights Parfait 4 pack - 1
All Small & Mighty - 2 bottles
Campbells Cream of Celery Soup - 2 cans
Red Peppers - 2
Deli Ham - 1 pound
Farmland Roll Sausage - 2 *
Diet Coke 2lt - 3 *
Fresca 2lt - 1 *
Minute Maid Lemonade 2lt - 1 *

The Deals: So obviously Hy-Vee is where I scored the most deals this morning. The Dole Salad Blends were .99 each (67% off), the Bananas were .29 a pound (57% off), the Sara Lee Bread was .99 each (50% off), the Kellogg's cereals were all .77 each after sale and coupons (81% off), the Lay's Chips were .99 each (75% off), the Coke Products were .69 each (59% off), the ground beef rolls were .99 each (65% off), the Yoplait Fiber One yogurt packs were .64 each (77% off) and the Glade candle was free! My pre-sale and coupon total at Hy-Vee alone? $122.90. I spent $48.48 including tax! 

Price Chopper had a few nice deals too with bags of onions and potatoes both coming in at .99 each (60% and 67% off). I paid just .29 for the Playtex gloves (85% off), $1 each for the Crystal Light To-Go Mixes (67% off), .34 for the Birds Eye Veggies (85% off) and $4.54 for the big bag of fish fillets (52% off). Oh and my bag of M&M's were free too thanks to a coupon I had signed up for online.

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $187.78

Total After Sales and Coupons: $82.20 - 57% savings overall

For those new to my blog - Saturday Savings is my weekly chronicling of my journey to spend just $310 a month on our family groceries, toiletries, paper products and cleaning supplies. With just an hour or so of coupon clipping and research a week and some quick shopping on the weekend, I almost always meet my goal (or come under, as I did last month by $15!). 


Nicolasa said...

Wow! that is amazing savings!

I have left you something over at my blog!

CJ Sime said...

So when you are under budget like last month do you let the overage roll to the next month or do you save it?

Great week! I wish we had Hy-vee.

Helen said...

Great question CJ!

I actually have never rolled the surplus over to the next month. Although, I'm willing to be if come the end of this month I really want that $15 to go towards an awesome stock up opportunity Nick (the budget master) would be cool with it.

Momma-of-5 said...

Ugh! I'm so bad! I haven't gone through my coupons in 2 weeks. I've been piecing together shopping trips and I feel horrible. I have to get back to my organized and "saving" self. And FAST!

Way to go on the sales, H! You're a force to be reckoned with!

Annie said...

Wow, great deal. Here we didn't use coupons, I don't know why.

Enjoy your weekend.

Kelly said...

Wow, that is amazing, I wish my grocery bills looked like that. :) Your boys are simply adorable! :)

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