Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Savings

So after taking last week off (pretty much) from shopping, I was ready for some deal hunting! Unfortunately, the deals were not as plentiful as I'd hoped for. I still did alright though, and managed to get everything we needed. The picture below is missing the giant package of Cottonelle Ultra Double Rolls (12) of TP that I bought. I knew something was missing when I took the picture - you'd think I would have noticed the largest item I bought was missing! Everything below, plus the TP, was $36.76.

Danon yogurt - 10 cups
Deli turkey - 1.5 pounds
Canned Spaghetti sauce - 2
Crest ProHealth Rinse
Cottonelle Ultra 12 Pack of Double Rolls
Green Grapes - 2.25 pounds

Price Chopper:
Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breast - 3.5 pounds
Snickers Ice Cream Bars
Wonder Bread Hot Dog Rolls
Wonder Bread Hamburger Rolls
Multigrain Cheerios - 2 boxes
Cheerios - 1 box
Fiber One Bars - 1 box
Chex Mix Bars - 1 box
Johnsonvile Smoked Bratwurts
Cherries - 2.4 pounds
Peaches - 2.4 pounds

Snuggle Fabric Softener

The Deals: HyVee is where I started and I scored some nice deals there. Probably the best deal was getting the Danon Yogurt cups for only .09 a piece (88% off)! I managed that one by stacking a HyVee coupon for $1 off 10 cups with a manufacturers coupon for $1 off 10 cups. Another nice deal was the deli turkey. It was already on sale for $1.99 a pound and on HyVee's website I found a coupon for $1 off a pound of any deli meat, so I bought a pound and a half for $2. (67% off)

At Price Chopper I grabbed Red Bing Cherries for $1.47 a pound (71% off), peaches for .99 a pound (50% off), the Wonder Bread rolls for .79 a package and the Multigrain Cheerios for $1.22 each (68% off).

You'll notice there wasn't any milk on my list, and you probably won't see it very often anymore. Milk prices at the Aldi nearest my house have been steadily climbing over the past few months and is now up to $2.72 for a gallon of whole milk. A couple of weeks ago it came to my attention that the Aldi on the other side of the state line (and near where Nick works) is selling the same brand and same size milk for only $2.04 a gallon! At 3-4 gallons a week it is well worth my while to have Nick pick milk up for us on his way home from work.

Total before Sales, Coupons and Tax: $90.36
Total after Sales and Coupons: $34.71 - savings of 62%


Emily @ Little Home said...

I'd say you did pretty well!! I have noticed a difference between milk prices at Aldi, too, even on the same side of the state line... kind of funny how the Aldi in the "nicer" area of the two that I frequent, has the better prices!

Sarah said...

A gallon of milk around here costs more than $4. I ran into one store last week for a few things and paid $2.59 for a HALF gallon of milk. They didn't have any gallons left. The girls are still on whole milk b/c of the weight gain issues and I only buy Hood.

The Kelseys said...

Great job! I love a good bargin!

breckholladay said...

I love the new scrapbook look but, I do miss the monkeys.

dee said...

Your new design and pics are beautiful!

Christine said...

Milk is a commodity... it fluctuates in price based on availability, like vegetables, eggs, gas. (Thankfully OPEC doesn't control our milk prices) With the hot weather a few weeks ago, the supply decreased, the price increased. Milk production should be increasing again (I know our milk lady's cow is back up to speed).

Jennifer said...

Love the new look!

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