Thursday, July 23, 2009

Memory Lane and Memory Loss

One thing is for sure, it's a good thing I started blogging back when I was pregnant because these boys have sucked the memories right out of me! Yesterday afternoon I noticed the poll was leaning heavily in favor of me moving old blog posts from my old website over here, so I got to work. As I was glancing through old blog posts I was reading stories about things I don't even remember happening! I then showed one to Nick and he didn't remember it either. Guess the little brain suckers have gotten to both of us!

I've now moved all 16 posts about my triplet pregnancy as well as the boys' birth here to Three Times the Giggles! You can read them all by clicking here (to read them in order you'll need to scroll to the bottom and read up). Hope you enjoy the stroll down memory lane for those of you that have read them before, and to my new readers I hope you just enjoy them! I know I loved reading them. It cracked me up to read my post from 8.23 saying that my next appointment would be on the 30th and I'd post an update then... if nothing happened before then! Little did I know I would have a "practice" run to the hospital and then a few days later give birth to the boys.

In the coming weeks I'll post more old posts for you to read. You'll notice that when the boys are really tiny that I've added a watermark of sorts to the pictures. Unfortunately pictures of infant multiples are popular for "fakers" (people who claim to have multiples) to steal. I promise you'll find a lot of these old posts entertaining!

In other news, the excitement here at home is never ending... yesterday Tyler and Jackson were both preparing to jump onto the same pile of pillows. Jackson was a little ahead of Ty and Tyler slammed his head (face first) into the back of Jackson's head. It didn't phase Jackson in the least, but poor Ty burst into hysterical tears and it turns out he actually chipped two teeth in the collision!

If you click on the the picture you can see it bigger - it's his right front (when looking at it) and the tooth next to it that got chipped.


Stephanie said...

poor kiddo!! the way miley busts open her lips, i cant believe she hasn't chipped a tooth yet! is he doing better then I hope?? many more to come :)

Sarah said...

Ouch - sorry to hear about the tooth chipping. Poor guy.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Zachie has a chipped tooth too--just one of those casualties of being a boy. Good thing it's baby teeth, right?

Jennifer said...


Momma-of-5 said...

I feel so out of touch! So far behind! I'm spending some serious time in blog land tonight (now that my laptop has apparently decided to start working again!)

Sorry about Ty's toofers, but at least they're baby teeth, right? Coulda been A LOT worse!?!?

Sidenote: How did you get your comment thing to not ask for a word verification?

Momma-of-5 said...
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RoseAnneH said...

wow, Jackson must have a really hard head to cause a chipped tooth and he must have really thick skin if there was no blood.

Anonymous said...

My Owen has a chipped front tooth too! The worst part about his tooth is we have no idea how it happened! Thank goodness for baby teeth :)

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