Wednesday, July 22, 2009

PTing Wrap Up and Video Clip of the Week

Today is the last day to vote in my little poll over on the right hand side! Also, I'm excited to announce I will be unveiling a new blog look next week. I won a re-design and saw my new header last night and it is CUTE! Can't wait to show you all!

Chase is doing fantastic still! Yesterday he had an accident shortly after he first got up (he wouldn't immediately do anything on the toilet for Nick, so we knew something was bound to happen). In his defense though, he ran to the bathroom before his accident started but Nick and I weren't in there so he then ran down the hall to his bedroom to get Nick - peeing all the way there. At least he started in the right room!

You know what though? After that accident at 7:15am he didn't have another one until 5:10pm! I was SO impressed with him! In the middle of that long dry spell was a 5.5 hour span between potty trips (2 hours of it was nap time). Impressed again!

Last night I think he must have wet himself just before he fell asleep at bed time as he was wet when I checked on him at 9pm. At about 1am he woke up crying. We're not sure if it's because the wetness finally got to him or if it's because he needed to pee again, because I sat him on the toilet after changing his sheets and he peed again.

Even though Chase isn't 100% yet, I'm calling this a success and this is now the last post you'll read about his potty training adventures. On Sunday we'll start with Tyler!

And now for our Video Clip of the Week! This is especially for all you moms of girls - here's what life with all boys is like sometimes.


Jennifer said...

Looks like fun! If only I could get away with that! LOL

Sarah said...

I'm not that brave with the potty training. I'm still waiting for the girls to show that they are ready. As for the couch jumping, I know all about that - except that our couch is very high off of the ground so it's a battle.

Lauren said...

You have a second blog? Somehow I missed that. How can I find the address?

keslercrew said...

Your video is hilarious! It's like you just stepped over to my house. :)

Thanks for posting updates on potty training for your boys. It's something that I am and am not looking forward to! We are so ready to be done with diapers.

I would like to ask: 1) what time do you put your little guys to bed? 2) when do they have their last drink at night?

Helen said...

Lauren, before I moved to Blogspot in October I had a family website on Freewebs. Not everything is there still (I've been gradually moving stuff to a Word document), but here it is:

Keslercrew, The boys go to bed at 7:30pm (but usually don't fall asleep until closer to 8, sometimes later) and they get a tiny sip of water when they brush their teeth. Their last "real" drink is with dinner which is usually done by 6:30.

Missy said...

I would definitely call that potty training success! Good luck with Tyler!

breckholladay said...

It is nice that they can entertain themselves now and then and entertain you in the process. I can't wait to see you again.

Lauren said...

Thanks, Helen.

Amina said...

I love the synchronized flop onto the couch - and it made SPL giggle out loud.

Amina said...

Oh, and anytime one of them flopped down, she yelled, "whoooaaa!" :)

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