Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Video Clip of the Week - Follow the Leader

This week's video could also easily be titled "Why We Call Jackson the Ring Leader". As you will see, whatever he does the others usually follow.

Speaking of what we call the boys, I need help coming up with a new title for Chase! He no longer sits back and observes what's going on. Now he's the chief trouble maker and button pusher but that's kinda negative sounding for a title. Ideas?

On to the video!

Oh yeah... and you all are foolish for believing that last post. At least it's nice to see so much support and enthusiasm for growing our family!


Jen said...

haha, you got me! Is "Instigator" too negative? That's all I could think of...for now.

Samantha said...

I hate you. Ugh.

Mischief Maker?

Amina said...

Hmmm, you've given me some more ideas on how to tire SPL out before naptime - thanks! :)

Aunt Sue said...

You really got your cousin Ally hook, line and sinker!! She texted me to see if I'd read your blog...she hadn't seen the added video clip yet! I told her it was the best April Fool's of the year (not that we wouldn't be thrilled to hear about another cousin!!!) love to you all.

YourNONsuckyFriend said...


breckholladay said...

The truth is, I am pregnant. I know, I know. I'm to old.

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

:-P I KNEW IT. That was a good one, though! Good job!
(But where did you get the pregnancy test picture?????)

Helen said...

It's actually a picture I took when I found out I was pregnant with the boys. Amazing how faint that line is considering I had 3 in there (although we didn't know that at the time)!

brossettelewis said...

Aww you little jerk! no fooling about pregnancies!

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