Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Finally Done With Daytime Training

Potty training has been a loooong adventure with a couple of the boys. When we started with Chase late last July (a month before they turned 2) and he picked it up right away (virtually no day-time accidents after only a week and a half) I thought for sure Jackson and Tyler would pick it up just as quickly. Boy, were we spoiled by Chase!

At Christmas Jackson and Tyler still weren't pooping in the toilet. Every once in a while they'd do it, giving us hope that the months of torture were almost over, but it never lasted. We finally decided to up the ante when it came to what kind of "prize" we would hand out for successful pooping. We told Jackson and Tyler that if they made it to the toilet in time that Daddy would bring them home a special treat. They never knew what the treat would be, but it was always (well, almost always) a hit. Jackson was hooked and started using the toilet on a regular basis in January. Tyler did it a few times and then lost interest again. ARGH!

About 3 weeks ago my sister came over one Sunday afternoon. She had with her a bag of Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs (Easter Candy). Yum! She gave the boys each a couple and they were a huge hit, especially with Tyler. The next morning Tyler clearly needed to poop but wouldn't do it. The constant back and forth to the potty went on all day long. I told him at one point that if he did it in the toilet I would immediately take him to the store and he could pick out his special treat.

Finally at 7:20, after he was already in his PJs, he pooped in the toilet. I kept my word, threw some slippers and a coat on him and took him to Walgreen's while Nick continued to get the other two ready for bed. On the way to the store I asked Tyler what he wanted for his treat. He immediately said "eggs Auntie Laura had!". We walked to the Easter section and I couldn't convince Tyler that a light up Easter toy was better than peanut butter eggs, so at 7:30pm I let my child eat a couple of Reese's Eggs.

For the next couple of days Tyler pooped on the potty a couple of times a day, just to get 2 coveted eggs! Sweet! We'd found the right bribe reward finally! When the eggs ran out at home we went back to Walgreen's for another reward where he again chose candy (a Cars themed egg). Apparently we have a kid with a sweet tooth!

Anyway, we've been phasing out the rewards and Tyler is still rocking the pooping on the toilet. Woohoo! Nick and I are thrilled to have three, 2 and a half year old boys be fully day-time potty trained! Now I'm just hoping the night time happens naturally sometime soon here. I've been told by a PT "expert" that it often takes kids 6-9 months from the start of PTing to get both day and night time down, and we're at month 7 right now. Here's hoping it's soon! But even if it isn't, I'm just thrilled right now to not be cleaning out poopy underwear.


MamaOtwins+1 said...

That is awesome!!!

Brandi said...

I am soooo glad potty training is done here. Colton caught on like a pro, but Connor just refused to go. We let him pee in the bathtub once and every since then he has been doing awesome. Pooping seemed like it happened without us knowing. one day we were cleaning poop pants, the next I had boys proudly telling me to get out of the bathroom while they pooped. We have been fully potty trained for about 3 months now. Right before their 3rd birthday.

Amanda said...

Oh that is awesome!

But I hate to burst your night time bubble (and I pray oh do I PRAY this isn't the case for you)...I have an almost 6 year old boy who is STILL not night time potty trained. He only pees but he still requires a pull up at night. We've been to the doctor, tried the tricks, and now we are on meds and they still aren't working. :( For him, he is a HARD sleeper so that's the majority of the problem. I hope it goes well for you. He was potty trained about 3 months before he turned 3 but we still battle night time. :(

Anonymous said...

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