Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Right Now!

Chase has a new favorite phrase. Everything needs to be done "Right Now"! For emphasis, he drags the "now" out, so it's more like "right noooow". I'll give him this, at least he isn't whining when he says it, he actually has a big grin on his face. So what kinds of things does Chase want "right now"?

Me: "Chase, what do you want for breakfast?"
Chase: "Yogurt."
Me: "I'm sorry, we don't have any yogurt. Can we have eggs?"
Chase: "I want yogurt right now!"

Me: "I'm going to give you boys haircuts in a couple of days."
Tyler: "Yay haircuts!"
Chase: "Chasey wants haircut right now!"

Me: "You boys smell, we're going to take baths tonight."
Chase: "Chase want a bath right now!"

Yesterday afternoon I was standing in the kitchen when Chase came up to me, tried to hand me one of my cookie sheets and said....
"Mommy make cookies right now!"
Me: "No, eat your Cheerios."

These kids crack me up! They say funny things, have funny conversations, are intentionally mischievous and do lots of funny things. Yesterday afternoon I forgot to lock my bedroom door. I was in the kitchen washing a few dishes when I suddenly heard a lot of giggling coming from the back of the house. Know what I found?

Tyler and Jackson had gone into our room, pulled all the blankets off the bed and were having a great time.



you can call me "Jen" said...

I'm totally with Chase on the cookie thing. Give the guy a break! ;)

Those pics are priceless!

Momma Z said...

OH, how cute. At least nobody fell off.

Helen said...

Oh no Momma Z - one little monkey (Jackson) did take a header off the side of the bed. He cried for a minute and then got back on. LOL!

Laney said...

Crazy giggling or utter silence...neither can mean anything good!

breckholladay said...

I agree Helen. My grandkids crack me up. I miss you all already.

Heather said...

Your boys are adorable! I'm glad my 2 year olds aren't the only ones who want things "right NOW"!

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