Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jackson! Get Off Your Brother!

Yesterday Jackson would not stop bugging his brothers. He wanted to wrestle. All. Day. Long. His brothers weren't too interested. Lucky for Jackson, Tyler was a good sport about it for the first half of the day at least (Chase wasn't in the mood at all and burst into tears every time Jackson body slammed him). I think I must have told Jackson no less than 50 times yesterday to leave his brothers alone or to get off of them. Towards the end of the day, we all were losing patience with Jackson's WWE ways and I started putting him in time out for being so obnoxious.

This morning, as I was in laying in bed, trying to pump myself up for the day I could hear Nick say "Jackson, get off of your brother!". Awesome. He's at it again today!


Heads up fellow bloggers! I'll be running a Cans for Comments week again starting Monday morning. Consider this the Souper Bowl (get it? Souper/Super Bowl) edition! I'd love to have other bloggers join in. Look for a button and a Mr. Linky on Sunday's post and we'll start the commenting fun on Monday morning.


kingdonse said...

Great, now Preston will have someone to spar with in March! What is it about boys and wrestling?

Katie said...

mine are almost a year and i have one like that too. one brother deals with it, mostly, but the, he hates it. i have repeatedly said that the past few days as well..."luke! get off!" sounds like it will keep up! btw, loved your post the other day on loving triplets! i do too...most days ;)

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