Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Savings

What a day of shopping! Thanks to some great deals at HyVee (one of which was a Friday the 13th sale) I did some massive stocking up. I guess I was due for a great stock up week though considering I spent less than $30 last week. Later today I'll swing by my favorite Aldi for super cheap milk and bananas. Everything you see below cost me $72.15

Roberts OJ - 2 half gallons
Deli Turkey - 1 pound
Rubbermaid Storage Containers - 4 pack
Midwest Country Fair Sugar - 4 pound bag
Crisco Canola Oil
Chocolate Chex
Corn Chex
Hungry Jack Pancake Mix - 2 boxes
HyVee Chunk Pineapple - 3 cans
Pillsbury Frosting - 2 cans
Pillsbury Cake Mix - 1 box
Pillsbury Brownie Mix - 2 boxes
HyVee Rice Krispies
Smuckers Jam and Jelly - 2 jars
Nestle Tollhouse Morsels - 1 bag
HyVee Dental Floss - 2
Jennie O Whole Turkey - 11.65 pounds
HyVee Shredded Cheese - 5 bags
Bartlett Pears - 2.89 pounds
DiLusso Salads - 2
Hormel Boneless Whole Ham - 6.18 pounds

Price Chopper:
Land O Lakes Spreadable Butter
McCormicks Ground Cinnamon
Schubert Frozen Yeast Rolls
Marshmallow Fluff - 2 jars
Armour Sliced Pepperoni
Oranges - 4 pounds

The Deals: At HyVee I made out like a bandit, buying $118 worth of stuff for only $55! As part of their Friday the 13th sale they had shredded cheese for $1 a bag (47% off) and Dilusso Salads were BOGO at $3.99 each (67% off). Other awesome deals included buying 10 products from a certain page in their flier and saving an extra $5. When combining that coupon with a bunch of other coupons I had I got the following: Smucker's Jams and Jellies for $1.50 each (54% off), Pillsbury Frosting for .50 each (72% off), Pillsbury Brownie Mix for .50 each (79% off) and Pillsbury Cake mix for .39 each (72% off). While at HyVee I also snagged the 4 pack of Rubbermaid Storage for $1.08. They also have a nice coupon in their flier right now for buy one whole Hormel Ham and get a Jennie O Whole Turkey for free! I spent $18.48 on the ham and got the turkey ($14.74) for free saving me 55% over all between the two.

Price Chopper didn't offer a lot in the way of exciting deals this week, but they did have a few that are note worthy. Through today only, Best Choice Flour is on sale for .99 per 5 pound bag and the best part - there's no limit! Usually when a store has .99 flour they limit it to 1 or 2 per customer. I snagged 4 and wish I had room for more, but I just don't. Still, 20 pounds of flour should last me a while. Also at PC, Navel Oranges in a 4 pound bag are $1.99 (50% off) and the Land O'Lakes Spreadable Butter is $1.29 with coupon (68% off).

I did buy 3 items at full price, which hurt my overall percentage off but I'm still thrilled with the bargains I found! Normally I don't buy so many baking mixes (or premade frosting) but when they're only .50 each or less then I'll gladly pick some up to have on hand when I'm under a time crunch and need to take a treat somewhere!

Total Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $143.40
Total After Sales and Coupons: $68.65 - 53% savings


Keith and Jamie said...

WOW!!! I am so impressed that you can purchase so much with such a tight budget!!!! Kudos to you!!!

I love CHRISTmas music too...I hold off until the day after Thanksgiving, but come Friday...Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell ROCK!!!

Brenda said...

OK so will all of my extra comments this week, mean a major increase in your grocery budget for next week??? Only time will tell ;)

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