Friday, October 23, 2009

General Announcements

We're heading off this morning for some family fun. Hopefully I'll get some good (non-embarrassing!) material to blog about. As a result of our attempt to get out of the house on a timely manner I thought I'd just share a couple of announcements with you....

On Monday I'll be hosting another great giveaway here! It's for a product I've been testing in my home and have really enjoyed. Now you'll get a chance to win your very own. I have to also note it's fantastic whether you have kids or not. Get excited people!

If you're in the Kansas City area and you're a parent and on a budget, check out the TimesTwoKC Consignment Sale going on today and tomorrow! The sale is at 119th and State Line and has lots of great stuff (I pre-shopped last night as a consignor). Today the sale goes until 8pm and then tomorrow is half price day from 9am until 2pm! Click HERE for details.

Chase and Nick


Sarah said...

Have fun!

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