Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Video Clip of the Week - Toddler Talk

I was doubtful this video clip of the week would actually come together. The boys have some adorable ways of saying words and I desperately wanted to catch some on video, but as a general rule all cuteness stops when the video camera comes out.

I noticed a couple of things while filming the boys yesterday afternoon...

1. Jackson is a bit of a camera hog! You'll notice he's constantly moving into the shot...

2. It's no wonder Tyler doesn't say nearly as many words as his brothers... they don't let him talk!

Oh and to be clear, Tyler doesn't chew/suck on his blanket like Jackson does - he merely holds it up to his mouth and does this weird thing with this lips and tongue. I can't even describe it. LOL!


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Jen said...

Go, Go, Go! Too cute!

Shane & Renee said...

My Brian does the same thing with his tags on pillows. We do not really know what he is doing, sort of sucking his tongue.Very great words.

Brenda said...

Love it! And then they show off with the signs too... my favorite was when Chase said Mommy and signed Daddy! Drew does that a lot too!

Great Job boys!!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

They are so cute! Emma's at that stage too--she says Hi to everyone. Hi Mama. Hi Dada. Hi Bapa. Hi Nana. I love it!

Lindsay said...

look at that BabySign!!! it excites me when i see children at their age signing like that!!

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