Monday, March 16, 2009

Play Dough

This past weekend I made homemade play dough for the boys. I used this recipe, which calls for kool-aid mix - it gives it the fun color AND the play dough smells fruity! I made one batch but divided the recipe in half so that I could do two different colors (note, don't use Lemonade Kool-Aid as the color isn't strong enough and you'll still have to add lots of food coloring). The play dough is now stored in some Glad-ware, ready for use again this week!

The boys had fun playing with it and of course sampling it. Thankfully I think the dough is too salty for their liking, because they didn't eat much.




All three with Aunt Laura later that same day


Samantha said...

Looks like fun. How much ended up on the floor? lol

Jen said...

I love play doh. Just hate the mess. LOL

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Fun! Emma and the boys love playdough too. Here's a tip for ya--if you keep the playdough in the fridge, it will last a loooooong time!

Monica said...

What a great idea! I have been thinking about buying Grayson some playdough, but I have been a little scared. We may have to try this sometime this week.

breckholladay said...

I SSOOO want to be there too!

Joyce said...

You are super Mommy! Thanks for the recipe I'm going to try it. The boys are too cute. And I can see the monkeys on the blog and it looks too cute, I almost changed mine to the monkeys today : )

Kris said...

It looks like the playdough was a hit! May have to get up the nerve to try this!

laura said...

oh wow. we all look thrilled to be playing together. hahahaha. hey, but I can see the monkeys on the side with dad's computer! super cute helly.

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