Monday, February 9, 2009

Q and A

A week or so ago (it's hard to tell for sure because I seem to have no concept of time anymore) I saw a fellow blogger (Rachael at Little Bites of Heaven) do a Q & A session on her blog. I thought that seemed like fun and a good idea, especially considering some of my newer followers probably don't know a lot of our background story, pregnancy stuff, details of the boys' early months, etc.

So here's how it works - you ask the questions by commenting on this blog post and later this week I'll answer them all in a new blog post! There are only a couple of things that are off limits: middle and last names and where exactly we live (Kansas City area is all you need to know). Don't be shy, and ask away!

You'll also be happy to know that I got some excellent video footage this weekend so we'll have a fun "Video Clip of the Week" on Wednesday!


Emily and Drew said...

Have you ever mixed the boys up for longer than a couple of minutes? How do you tell them apart if they are not dressed differently?

breckholladay said...

When thinking about the future, which emotion do you feel more often, fear or excitement?

Rachael said...

hmmm, i always want to ask so many questions until someone puts up a q&a. then my mind goes!

how often do you get time to yourself? what do you do during that time?

do you miss working at all? think you will go back at any point?

Krista said...

Do you think things are easier now or when the boys were newborns?

Do you plan to have more children? When?

Did the pregnancy mess up your stomach? Would you consider plastic surgery?

Do you think you'll stay in KC forever?

I know I'll think of more...

Anonymous said...

when will we go shopping lol. jk
umm will you get a costco membership when the boys are older?
will your grocery budget be larger when the boys are teenagers and eat more?
did you like your hospital where you gave birth?
what are the boys fav foods
<3+ jessica

Monica said...

I'm interested in how you keep your food budget so low? Do you ever go out to eat? Do you cook every meal for your family? What is your favorite recipe?

Do you ever have a minute to yourself?

Brenda said...

As a MOM what's your opinion on the Octuplets family situation?

Do you think you could have "survived" the early weeks/months without the volunteers?

How long does it take you to plan your grocery shopping trips?

If money/time were no object - what is the one thing you would do for yourself?

Hmmmm... I'll come up w/ more :)

nick said...

so when can I expect a home sewn costume for myself?

jessica winne said...

if you were to have another child what would you want the gender to be?

how do you feel about product that are made in china(with the current dispute over products made over there)

what are your feelings on organic food(do you try to buy it or is it too expensive?)

what are your feelings of wal-mart and nike(with the child labor laws and cruel sweat shops)

do you manage to eat healthy with your budget?

SexyMichiganMamaLOL said...

Will you ever move back to Michigan???????? :)

Alisha said...

Do you think you will have more children? When do you anticipate having said children (if you choose to have more?)

What has been your greatest joy since having the boys?

kdliberty said...

How far along were you when you found out you were having triplets? What was your first reaction to the news and what was your families?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

* If you left for a few days, would you be able to tell the boys apart on sight alone if you walked into the house and they were all sitting on the floor watching TV?
* How many people can tell the boys apart by sight alone?
* Did you and/or do you still receive any "freebies" from companys that help with the cost of raising three identical triplets?
* Are you more or less organized in life after having triplets?
* How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?

Brenda said...

If you got pregnant with multiples again - would you panic?

Does the fact you don't have a regular "date night" with Nick put a strain on your relationship?

What is your most asked question when out with the boys?

What is the most annoying question asked by strangers when you're out with the boys?

Do you like the attention the boys get when you take them all out?

Alisha said...

I know I already asked a question, but this came to me while trying to sleep at 3 AM. If TLC asked to do a TV show about you (like Jon and Kate or the Duggar family) would you allow them into your home? Thoughts on that?

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