Tuesday, October 28, 2008

High Five!

This past weekend Nick taught Chase a neat new trick. The ever popular "high five"! It really didn't take long for Chase to figure out that when Daddy put his hand up in the air he wanted Chase to slap it.

Chase is quite generous with his "fives" too as he routinely does not just give "five"... usually it's more like fifteen or twenty!

Next time you see Chase, hold your hand up and ask him to "give you five". Hopefully he won't leave you hanging :)

Also, I added a few cute pictures to the new 14-16 months album (yup, the boys are 14 months old now!). Check 'em out!


rachael said...

my 3 just learned (well, relearned really) fives, high and low ones, last week! so cute!

Baby John's Mom said...

Baby John loves the high five!!!

Your boys are sooooooooooo cute!!!!

Kris said...

too cool- I will have to try that!

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