Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Burning Questions?

I seem to be in the midst of a dry spell creativity wise right now. I think the craziness of last week and this week are catching up with me. I promise to come up with something good for tomorrow, but for now how about we play another round of Burning Questions.

What do you want to know about us? The only questions off limits are what the boys' middle names are and what city we live in. Leave your questions on this post and I'll answer them later this week!


Erin said...

What are some of the boys' favorite meals?
Do you have any tips for planning menus in advance?

Sarah said...

Do you plan to have more children?

Do you think you will ever go back to work?

Do you plan to have the boys attend public school? If yes, at what age? Kindergarten?

Charlotte said...

If you could take the boys anywhere in the world for a vacation for free, where would you go and why?

How would you react to finding out you were having triplets again?

How many children did you imagine yourself having when you were younger?

A pal from the WW board said...

Do you cook every meal for the boys? (You guys don't eat out much, right?)

How do you keep up on the housework with 3 boys? I struggle with just 1! :)

How do you manage your stress level?

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