Monday, June 14, 2010

Blueberry Picking

Friday morning, Nick and I decided to take the boys blueberry picking at a local berry farm. The boys had a ball! We gave each of them their own bucket to put their berries in and instructed them to only pick the blue ones, not the red or green berries. I have to say, when I was cleaning the berries and prepping them to go in the freezer, I really didn't find too many red or green berries. Well done boys!

Chase (who turned out to love berry picking the most)

After picking our berries we went into the little store there and bought some blueberry lemonade and a blueberry drop biscuit to share! Definitely a fun, family morning that we'll try to repeat again this summer!


Charity Donovan said...

So fun! Looks like the boys loved it! We went strawberry picking a few weeks ago! The crew loved it! We've been planning on going blueberry/cherry picking but it keeps looking like rain! Eventually though!

Dana said...

Hey Helen, How do you prep them for freezing? Last year I tried washing them all and then freezing flat on a cookie sheet and shaking into bags . . . but they all got icy (I guess leftover water from rinsing). Any tricks?

Helen said...

Dana, I did the same thing you did but I let them sit to drain in a colander for quite a while before I dumped them onto a cookie sheet.

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