Monday, May 17, 2010

More Funny Things My Kids Say

Most of the recent funnies that I've remembered to record here are courtesy of Jackson and Chase. Rest assured, Tyler says funny things too - I just need to remember to write them down right away!

Jackson (after walking up to the weather radio and pushing the button, he said the following into the speaker): I want a Diet Coke with vanilla please. Nope, that's it.

Chase (after hearing some liquid slosh in his belly): Mommy, I have music in my belly!

Chase (while Skyping with Grandma): I can't fit in the computer too! I too big! 

Any of the boys when wearing a striped, polo shirt: I'm Steve! (They're newly obsessed with Blue's Clues and Steve always wears a striped polo in that show.)

Chase, after fake coughing: Mommy, I need Vicks!


Man, these kids make us laugh! 


Brenda B. said...

Not sure what's funnier... the weather radio DC order or the inside-out underwear on the head.

kingdonse said... least that was clean underwear!

The weather radio order is hilarious!

LittleHappys said...

LOL..... I needed a good laugh today. Great stuff!

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