Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Savings - Shall I Continue?

I know it's been a while since I posted a Saturday Savings grocery run-down, but March was brutal health-wise here (stomach flu, surgery for Chase, nasty colds and ear infections, etc) so I barely had the time to shop let alone blog about it.

Here's the thing - when I first started Saturday Savings it was really just for fun. I thought it would be a fun way to see over  the year how much money I had saved on groceries (and the number is staggering), but I figure it might also inspire a few of you to start clipping coupons, shopping the sales and taking advantage of freebies. I've now been doing Saturday Savings for over a year and I'm considering stopping it. I'll continue my rabid shopping ways and maybe, just maybe when I have an insanely good week I'll blog about it. What do you all think? I know I have readers on Saturdays but I rarely get comments so I'm not really sure if it's people just catching up on my other posts from the week or if they're here to read SS.

Bottom line: If you enjoy reading Saturday Savings each week and get some sort of inspiration or help from it then I'll continue, but you need to speak up!

Alright, onto the deals I found yesterday! I stopped at 4 stores (all within a couple of miles of each other on the same road) yesterday: CVS, Aldi, Hy-Vee and Price Chopper. Everything you see below cost me $77.16, that includes the $16 I spent for the two packages of Pull Ups (we have a separate line item in our budget for pull ups), AND I walked out of CVS with $6 in Extra Care Bucks.

Pull Ups - 2 Jumbo Packs
Bumble Bee Tuna - 10 cans
Orbitz Gum
Scott 12 Pack of Toilet Paper

Bananas - 2.9 pounds
Gala Apples - 2 bags @ 3 pounds each
Peanut Butter
Elbow Macaroni - 2 pound box
Egg Noodles - 12oz bg
Bread - 3 loaves
Eggs - 1 dozen

Nestles Crunch Bar - 2
Red Baron French Bread Pizza - 2
Kellogg's Special K Low Fat Granola - 2 boxes
Rold Gold Pretzels - 1 pound bag
1% Milk - 2 gallons

Price Chopper:
1% Milk - 1 gallon
Butter - 2 boxes
Frozen Veggies - 3 bags
Quaker Squares Cereal
Quaker Mini Rice Cakes
French Fried Onions - large can
Ritz Crackers - 2 boxes @ 4oz each
Quaker Granola Bars - 2 boxes
Jergen's Lotion
Strawberries - 2 pounds
The following were all found in the clearance carts
Kraft Ranch Dressing
Wishbone Bountiful's Italian Dressing
Disney Dried Fruit Boxes for kids - 3 packages of 6 boxes each
Raisin Bran Plus Cereal - 2 boxes

The Deals: At CVS I cashed in a rain check to get the tuna for .49 a can (normally $1.87 at CVS). They ran a smoking special on it about a month ago, but because it was such a great deal and didn't have a purchase limit they sold out quickly. Always ask for a rain check! I also cashed in $10 in Extra Care Bucks to help cut down on the price of the tuna and the two packages of Pull Ups that I bought - which earned me another $5 in ECBs! Love rolling those over!

At Price Chopper I cleaned up in the clearance carts! The Raisin Bran must have been moved there because of a change in packaging because the design on the box did not match the picture on the coupon from last Sunday's paper. The boxes were marked down to $2.50 and with the coupon from the paper (either $1 on one or $2 on 2) it brought the cost down to $1.50 for cereal that is regularly priced at $4.46. The Kraft Dressing was $1 and the Wishbone Dressing was only .50. The dried fruit packages were only $1 each. I also bought the Quaker Squares Cereal for only $1 after sale and coupon (78% off). Butter is only $1.48 a box but a limit of 2. With the amount of baking I've been doing lately I'll be stopping by PC a few more times between now and Tuesday to buy butter a few more times. The milk I bought at PC was also Free thanks to a coupon that printed out last week after I bought a bunch of Kellogg's cereal.

Later today I'll also send Nick to Hen House to buy some Eggland's Best Eggs - they're on sale this week for $1.49 each and if you have a couple of coupons that will double (which I do) it'll make for some cheap eggs!

Total Before Sales, Tax & Coupons: $156.78
Total After Sales & Coupons: $72.59 - 54% savings


Twin-Spiration said...

Your boys are adorable! Congrats on Triplets. I have identical twins and don't see identical triplets very often. How sweet!
I love your coupon clippin idea and just mentioned to my husband that we are going to have to start that. I am blown away by the deals you guys are getting. :) I'm always up for a good deal.
Happy Easter!

mpannek said...

Oh Helen, I LOVE your SS posts. I am a coupon flunk-ie... but I'm getting better, lol! Unfortunately the stores that you score all your deals at are not in California... except for CVS... and I don't take the kids there!!!

Renee Claycamp said...

I always love seeing what you get on a budget! Keep it up, girl! :)

Lunch Lady Lisa said...

I like reading and seeing your deals. If your pressed with time maybe you can cut out writing the items you bought because we can see that in the picture but keep the way you write about your bargains at the end.
Lisa in Shawnee

Brenda B. said...

Frankly I am jealous that you are able to find the smokin' deals everywhere (as another poster mentioned we don't have those stores in CA), but I say keep up the SS.

Maybe focus on the biggest deals when you do the write-up, but I've heard from a lot of my local friends and they really like your Saturday posts, and learn a lot.

So you may not see the reaching effects, but they are out there!

Anna said...

I love SS! I visit on Saturdays specifically to see what you're buying and what the great deals are. I live in Raymore, so I can hit the same chains and I've done so much better at saving thanks to you!

ZM said...

I definitely enjoy seeing your SS posts. I do the whole 3-4 store run as well (Hy Vee, HH, PC, Aldi) to max the savings. It is encouraging to see another local mama working hard to feed a family on a budget. By the way, if you need a good deal on butter HH has Land O Lakes on sale for $1.78 and there is a 50 cent coupon on smartsource that will double, so only $1.28. There is no limit on how many you can buy. HTH :)
Wishing you a blessed Easter!

The Lane Family said...

I do enjoy your Saturday Savings post and it has inspired me to try it myself. I never do as good as you but it keeps me going. Plus we do not have the same stores but that is okay!!

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