Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mud and Whoopie Pies

Yesterday afternoon was filled with sugar and mud, two favorites of the boys. During nap time I did a little creating in the kitchen and made some St. Patrick's Day Whoopie Pies (they have green, mint filling!) for my Etsy Shop. After the boys woke up, I let them sample the treats!





Then we went outside for some fun! It was only about 40 outside, but with the sun it didn't feel so bad. At least until our fingers got too cold!

The boys seemed to forget their sandbox etiquette over the long winter! They were told repeatedly to stop throwing sand and dumping sand on each others heads. Jackson was the main culprit and landed in time out several times...

Ahhh yes.... mud!


Jamie said...

I was checking out the edibles on your etsy store...I was so hungry by the time I stopped looking around, I had to go find a piece of chocolate...YUM-O!!!

I am hosting a Book (One and the Same)giveaway! Check it out.

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Those look so good - and tasty.

I was noticing the new header pics, and maybe it is the pictures or maybe an id twin/triplet thing - are the hairlines all different in the front? On my twins, they're different, Tyler's goes to the side Jackon's and Nathaniel's is more like Chase's.

The Lane Family said...

Those whoopie pies look darn good I may need to check out your etsy store!!

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