Friday, February 26, 2010

Winner and Changes

This morning this tired mama slept in. I only intended to sleep until 8ish because we have some fun planned for this morning. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly woke up at 8:45! Whoops! And truth be told, if I hadn't had somewhere to be later this morning I totally would have rolled back over and fallen asleep again probably.

So anyway, all that being said I depended on to draw the winner for this contest. In my attempt to print the screen so that you all would see this was on the up and up, I messed something up and lost the screen that had what number was drawn. You all will just have to trust me this wasn't rigged... The winner was commenter #8.


I've decided it's time for a change on this blog. Nothing massive really, but the pictures in the header are out of date by 8 months and I'm feeling like my blog is getting cluttered. I've got Hilary at ScrapBlog Designs working on changing out my pictures and changing some formatting around on the blog to clean things up. I'm excited about this little changes! Look for them early next week! For now, I'll give you a sneak peak at the pictures going into the heading and also some other adorable shots I got of the boys the other day.


And now for a few other cute shots I got, including probably my favorite picture so far of 2010!

I would just love to get a huge blow up of this shot and hang it on my wall, but I think Chase and Jackson would be sad they weren't up there too!


Emily @ Little Home said...

Those photos (especially the last one) could melt any heart!!! SO adorable.

Jen said...


The Lane Family said...

I love the photo's and I am looking forward to seeing your new look.

The last one is just so sweet and now if only you could get the other two to give you a cute shot like that :)

Momma-of-5 said...

I think your photography has gotten SO MUCH BETTER in the past few months. Not that it needed improvement, but I can just see the fun you're having with your camera and the way your eye is really composing pictures...not just pointing and clicking (like some of us). =)
Glad you got to sleep in this morning...

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