Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Savings

This week the sales at my usual stores didn't impress me much. I figured I would only spend about $30-$35 on stuff there so decided to take advantage and do a little shopping at Whole Foods too. Holy expensive milk Batman! Needless to say, buying Organic Milk, some chicken, whole wheat flour and rolled oats added quite a bit to my grocery bill and killed my overall saving percentage. Everything you see below cost me $79.80. Ouch. I'm used to seeing a lot more food for that amount of money! Anyway, here's what it included:


Clementines - 5 pound box

Whole Foods: 
Whole Wheat Flour - 3.42 pounds
Rolled Oats - 2.62 pounds
Organic FF Milk - half gallon
Organic 1% milk - 3 gallons
Chicken legs - 3 pounds (free range, antibiotic free, etc.)

HyVee Apple Dapples Cereal
Mrs. Grimes canned beans - 6 cans
Wheat Thins
Stacy's Baked Pita Chips - 1 bag
Reynolds Slow Cooker Bags - 1 box

Avocados - 2
Guacamole dip mix
Light Sour Cream
Baking Cocoa (forgot to separate that one out to my "business" purchase! Whoops!)
Bread - 2 loaves
Bananas - 2 pounds
Brown Sugar
Eggs - 2 dozen
Peanut Butter

Price Chopper:
Miracle Whip
Celo scouring pad
Bounce Dryer Sheets - 40 ct
Baby Carrots - 2 pounds
Aspargus - .94 pound
Roma Tomatoes - 1.84 pounds
Red Barron Pizzas - 2
Ground Beef - 2.25 pounds
Johnsonville Turkey Brats - 2 packages

The Deals: First a gripe. I hate how prices can vary so much between Aldi stores! The Aldi I went to yesterday has their eggs priced .70 a dozen higher than the Aldi I normally shop! When you buy 2-3 dozen eggs each week that extra .70 adds up in a hurry. Ok, gripe over. I will mention though that I picked up avocados at Aldi for .49 each which was .19 cheaper than the sale at Price Chopper and .51 cheaper than HyVee.

At HyVee I stocked up on some canned beans at .50 a can. I promptly used two of them last night when I made chili! I also got Wheat Thins for .88 and the Stacy's Pita Chips for $1.50 (wow are those things good!). I let my inner laziness come out with the purchase of the crock pot bags for .99.

Price Chopper had some good produce deals this week: 2 pound baby carrot bags for $1.49, asparagus for $1.69 a pound and roma tomatoes for .69 a pound. I also picked up a couple of frozen pizzas for $2 each after sale and coupon and the smoked brats were $1.54 per package thanks to the 2 coupons I had. I also had a couple of clearance cart finds - the Miracle Whip was .99 and the scouring pad was .50.
Today and tomorrow HyVee has some good deals and I'll be heading back there later today to take advantage. With my coupon I'll be able to get Danon yogurts for .09 each. I also will hope to pick up the 3 pound bag of Organic Pears they have on sale that the HyVee I visited yesterday doesn't carry.

Considering how skewed my "savings" are with the $18.50 in organic milk ($5.29 per gallon and $2.89 for the half) as well as the other Whole Foods purchases added in, I'm not going to bother with the before and after prices this week.

Today is your last chance to take part in Cans for Comments! As of this morning we're up to 54 comments for the week, which is great! Get your comments in by 10pm tonight and tomorrow I'll donate one non-perishable item for each comment left on my blog this week. Thanks for your participation!


Emily @ Little Home said...

Hope your MRI went well.

I was surprised at the price of eggs when I went to Aldi this week, too - and I went to the same one I ususally do. So perhaps they are up everywhere? Bummer.

Charlie said...

I really admire your saving abilities! Even though I try so very hard, I never seem to do so well!

Brenda said...

I'm so amazed at the price of your produce. I can't find those prices here.

Jamie said...

You amaze me with your savvy shopping!!! I am in AWE!!! I am horrible at saving...we do a lot of BOGO, but girl, YOU RACK UP!! High Five to YOU!!!

Krista said...

First of all, I love asparagus.

Second of all, crockpot bags are FABULOUS. You can't use them for everything though. They work best for things like meats, roasts, etc but are IMHO bad for "wet" stuff like soups/stew/anything you will actually stir in the crock. I always pop them and then, well, what's the point?? :)

Emily @ Little Home said...

Thanks for the heads up on the pears at HyVee this month! I just looked at the health market (or whatever it is called) ad online. I will be stopping to get some sometimes this month! They will be fabulous for making some baby food!

Momma Z said...

I shop at Whole Paycheck along with Price Chopper and Save A Lot. Between those places I do okay. There are certain things we get organic and other things we don't.

Lesli said...

Wow, I think you did awesome. I wish I could save more on my groceries, I am not a very good Hope you have a great weekend!

Nellie said...

Helen, I am amazed at the savings you rack up every week! Incidentally, our DD has begun to buy organic milk, particularly for the DGD because of something she read regarding a relationship between early maturation rates and consumption of "treated" milk.

Also, keeping you in my prayers regarding Friday's MRI and your health.

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