Saturday, February 20, 2010

Just For Laughs

Yesterday I was forced to take my 3 munchkins grocery shopping. In the freezing rain. And snow. After just one store I decided we'd all had enough, so came home. I had a hunch things would be brutal and that I'd give up part way through, so while in HyVee I bought non-organic milk just to save myself yet another trip out. Not to mention, spending an extra $8 a week on milk is adding up and I need to watch my budget carefully to make sure I have enough cash to shop next week too. Later today I'll finish up my shopping solo.

Basically, I don't have a Saturday Savings post to offer you. Instead, I'll make you laugh and remind you're running out of time to enter this week's giveaway (a personalized cosmetic bag from an Etsy shop!).

Chase & Tyler showing off their new shades and their new slippers. 

Yup, Tyler's are upside down. And I'm not sure what Jackson was up to, 
but man does this picture make me laugh!


Don't forget to enter this week's giveaway! You only have until 9am tomorrow (Sunday) to enter. Winner and a new giveaway will be announced Monday morning! Click HERE to enter the Etsy giveaway.


Chantal said...

I love the mis matched PJs! Do they do that on their own, or was this a special mis match occasion? So cute!!

Melinda said...

Thank you so much for the laugh- I needed it this morning!

Helen said...

Oh that was all them Chantal! They like to dress themselves and often come up with weird combos. I only veto the choice if we're going out in public. LOL!

RoseAnneH said...

Too Funny!! I love how Jackson is giving the peace sign - he is just too cool.. They all have quite the sense of style. :)

Renee Claycamp said...

So cute! :) Their futures are so bright, they gotta wear shades!

Kelsey said...

These pictures are so cute!!

Brenda B. said...

Great Photo!

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