Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Fun Outside

I promise I'll have a video clip for you tomorrow! Yesterday I was having so much fun experimenting with settings on my camera and with PhotoShop that I forgot to edit my video.

I'm beginning to come to terms with the fact that it seems we will not be getting many warm weather "gift" days thrown into our winter this year. It bums me out massively, and the boys are tired of not playing outside. Yesterday when it was a whopping 35 degrees out I decided enough was enough - we were going outside!





Chase & Tyler

Jackson fell in some mud.
We're up to 17 comments in this week's Cans for Comments Souper Bowl Edition! Keep the comments coming and I'll have a big load of non-perishables to donate to the church's food drive on Sunday!


Renee Claycamp said...

Be thankful that was only mud in the last picture! LOL! :)

Charlotte Cooper said...

Lovely pics, glad to see those boots being put to good use!

MamaOtwins+1 said...

Sometimes you just have to make a break for it - otherwise they go stir crazy! Love the boots !

Jen said...

Great pictures! We're so jealous of the fact that you don't have any dirty, brown snow piles.

In a good way, of course. ;)

Jessica Griffiths said...

Yes, it doesn't seem to be one of those winters where we get go to the park in January/February. I think it is great that you just bundled them up and got out! Love that you are doing Cans for Comments :)

CJ Sime said...

too cute!!

Brenda said...

Glad you made the call to play outside - for everyone's sanity :)

And I just love, love love that picture of Tyler! You're getting good with that fancy camera of yours.

Kris said...

As always, amazing pics Helen! Glad you got outside!

Emily @ Little Home said...

I love outdoor pictures!

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