Friday, January 15, 2010

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Grandma got a little tired of seeing her ragamuffin grandkids plastered on the internet wearing bags on their feet instead of boots. Yesterday afternoon, these arrived at our door!

The boys love them, and now want to wear them nonstop! Sure, technically they're rain boots, but I think we'll get more use out of them than we would snow boots.

Chase (don't let the "T" shirt fool you!)

Chase & Ty



Brenda said...

SWEET B&W shot! You're getting pretty fancy with that there camera :)

you can call me "Jen" said...

the boots (and the boys!) are adorable! as usual. ;)

Christina said...

Those boots rock!!

And you are getting great with the camera...I can really see it. :)

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