Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cans for Comments - Souper Bowl Edition

It's a Cans For Comments week here again! We're calling this one the Souper Bowl Edition. Get it? Super Bowl/Souper Bowl? I have to confess, I can't take credit for the catchy "Souper Bowl" theme - I got that from my church.

Starting at 9am CST tomorrow (Monday, the 1st), all comments left on my blog, both on old and new posts, will result in one non-perishable item being donated to the huge (I mean huge) food drive happening at my church this week.

When I ran CFC a couple of months ago, several bloggers joined in and collected comments and cans for their local food bank! Who's in again? Just grab the button below and stick it in your opening Cans For Comments post. Then, add your blog link to the Mr. Linky below so that folks know to visit your blog and leave comments!

<a href=""><img src=""/></a>

Don't have a blog? Do what my friend Stephanie did last time I did CFC and pledge to match my donation at the end of the week!

Let the fun begin!



Brenda said...

Alright - I'm in again :)

Amanda A said...

No blog, but I will match you Helen!

Renee Claycamp said...

I'm in, too! :)

Brenda said...

OK so I have someone to match my donations too :) Oh and I wanted to leave you another comment... just to add to your total LOL

Kris said...

I did not get many comments last time, so this time I wiil match you! I really love this idea!

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