Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Worth The Wait

Edited to Add at 1:20pm: Something is wrong with my movie maker software! As soon as I get it fixed I'll upload this video, but it honestly could be a day or two (hopefully not more). Hope you all are having an awesome Wednesday. This momma is kicking back with a Diet Coke and enjoying the silence of nap time! (And yes, I know the stickers are still on the boys' sweaters this year.... and no, they don't typically wear size 3T already. I snagged these on clearance last year though and they only had 3T and 4T left, so I figured (rightly so!) that I could squeeze two seasons out of them by buying them a bit bigger than I needed.)

The Video Clip of the Week will be loaded later today (probably by mid-afternoon), but I promise you it will be worth the wait! It will involve the boys and singing...


brossettelewis said...

3T?!?! We just put our 18mo away and accepted we are full on 2T.

Brenda said...

Um, you left the stickers on the sweaters ;)

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Okay, I have to ask you... can you just tell the boys apart or are there some tricks? I can easily tell my own apart, but have the darnedest time with your cuties! I LOVE the picture!

Anonymous said...

Secret reader here :) this picture is adorable! I am sure its one of those that you didn't expect to turn out good and with the stickers on, you wish you had removed them prior to taking the pic... if you want, I can remove them in photoshop, it works wonders. Or maybe it gives extra character to the picture!? hahaha! They are adorable either way! ;) Just wanted to throw it out there because I absolutely LOOOVE adobe photoshop!


Helen said...

Logan and Jack's Mommy - Isn't it always so easy to tell your own apart? I have a friend who also has identical BBB's and I can't for the life of me tell hers apart and she can't tell mine apart! I'll see if I can point out some differences in my post today!

Thanks for the offer Lindsey! I have PhotoShop Elements and do love it :) I haven't decided yet if I should "remove" the stickers or not! It's kinda funny they're on there :)

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