Thursday, December 31, 2009

Swimming and The Local Biker Hangout

I was loading new pictures onto the computer this morning when I noticed the pictures from our time swimming. Suddenly it dawned on me that I never posted these for your enjoyment! I believe I even teased you earlier in the week and told I would have some to post... So here are a few of my favorites from our time swimming in the pool at the hotel my family stayed at for a couple of days.


Jackson and Nick

Chase - he got brave in that floaty! Took us all by surprise considering it took him 10 minutes to even want to get in the pool in the first place.


Jackson - this makes me giggle!

After all the chaos of Christmas vacated our house Monday morning, Nick and I decided to bring out another Christmas gift for the boys (we've yet to give them our gifts yet - we'll probably bring those out this weekend). These sweet bikes came from Nick's parents. The boys call them their motorcycles and boy do they love them! As I type this Tyler is sitting on his in front of the TV, watching Sesame Street.

L-R: Chase, Jackson, Tyler


Jackson (that's his attempt at a "thumbs up")


Brenda said...

OK the booty crack, makes me giggle. Love the new "hogs".... soon they'll be tearing it up outside - weather permitting of course.

Amy said...

I love the swimming pics! They look so brave in the water, and it's wonderful that you get out and do fun stuff like that with them. Of course the "rear view" made me laugh out loud!

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