Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday Savings

Last week I took the weekend off from heavy shopping. At 6:45am on Black Friday I hit up a Price Chopper for some fruit, bread, eggs and milk. Exciting stuff huh? As a result though we were lacking in quite a few things by yesterday. Not only was the food department a little sparse, but our cleaning supplies were all due for restocking. Everything you see below cost $75.28.

Some of that stuff you see there is the final items I collected for Cans for Comments! Check out this pile (65 items) I'll deliver later today! Well done readers - can't wait to do this again soon!

Alright, on to what I bought yesterday!

Up & Up (Target Brand) Training Pants - 1 package 26 count
Swiffer Wet Jet Solution
Up & Up Disinfectant Wipes
Up & Up Dish Soap
Up & Up Hand Soap
Up & Up Trash Bags - 80 count
Up & Up Paper Towels
Snicker's Bars - 2

Eggs - 18 count
Frozen Veggies - 2 bags
Palermo's Classic Frozen Pizzas - 2
HyVee Tuna - 1
Ramen Noodles - 8
Chocolate Chex Cereal - 2 boxes
Corn Chex - 1 box
Rice Chex - 1 box
HyVee Pretzels - 3 bags
Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes
Powdered Sugar - 2 pound bag
Mrs. Grimes Chili Beans - 8 cans
Wonder Bread Whole Wheat - 2 loaves
Hormel Little Sizzlers Sausage - 4 boxes
Avocados - 2
Cucumbers - 2
Oranges - 15

Price Chopper:
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast - 6.17 pounds
Tones Ground Cinnamon
Behold Furniture Polish
Bananas - 5.81 pounds

The Deals: Thanks to a Target coupon mailer I received, I was able to stock up on plenty of their store brand (Up & Up) cleaning and household items. Gotta love good deals on the necessities. We've been very happy in the past with the Up & Up paper towels and trash bags; I only expect to be pleased with the dish and hand soaps too. The training pants will be a real test though (we use those at night for the boys) as we had terrible luck with Target brand diapers when the boys were little.

HyVee had a nice sale on oranges which is great considering the boys eat them like candy. Oranges were 5/$1 (60%), so I loaded up on enough to get us through the week. The Chex cereals all worked out to $1.38 each after coupons (63% off), the Hormel Sausages were $1 each (56% off) and the Palermo's Pizzas were $1.17 each (71% off). My favorite though was scoring the Little Debbie Cupcakes for FREE! That was thanks to a little promo I entered on the Little Debbie website a few months ago, resulting in a coupon for a free box being mailed to my house.

Price Chopper had a great deal on boneless skinless chicken breast, so I stocked up! Small packages (about 1.5 pounds each on average) were just $1.19 per pound (67% off), but were limited to 4 packages per customer. Probably just as well as I don't think I could fit many more into my freezer. Bananas were also on sale at Price Chopper for .39 a pound.

Overall it certainly wasn't my most impressive week of shopping, but I did alright still.

Price Before Sales, Tax and Coupons: $132.06

Price After Sales and Coupons: $70.57 - 46% off


David Griner said...

Congrats on winning one of the free boxes of Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes! In case you or your readers are interested in trying more cupcakes, you can currently get a coupon for 75 cents off on the left side of

You can also still enter to win one of our Cupcake Cars (custom-designed Smart Cars) among other prizes. Look for the link on the bottom left of the Little Debbie home page.

Thanks again, and congrats too on your awesome Cans for Comments collection! Great idea.

All my best,
David Griner
Social media coordinator, Little DEbbie

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