Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Snow!

Days we've heard the boys ask for snow this month: 10

Minutes it took to get all three ready to go outside yesterday: 40

Time spent outside (in the 10 degree temps): 5 minutes

Watching the boys enjoy snow for the first time this season (and in their eyes probably for the first time period): priceless!

Jackson in red, Tyler in blue, Chase in yellow


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MamaOtwins+1 said...

IT takes SOOO long to get them bundled to go outside, but the joy on their faces makes it worth it!

Krista said...

You call that snow?? *I* can show you snow!! Bring them up here! They won't be able to walk in it :)

Nicolasa said...

Aw! that is so cute that they were so excited to play in that! You should bring them here! I think it would be up to their knees!

Brenda said...

haha, I kinda agree with Krista... snow? We had that here in CA about a week ago ;) But really 40 minutes to get them all bundled up and ready to go play for 5 minutes?

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