Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Zoo Goes to the Zoo

I've spent the bulk of today sitting on the couch, cuddling 3 sick little boys. By 10pm Sunday night all three of them were stuffed up and miserable. Yesterday morning I joined them in the misery. Before the boys started feeling so crummy on Sunday, we did have a morning of family fun!

Sunday morning we all went to the zoo with my parents! Because we were going to have 4 adults to 3 kids we decided to skip the Choo Choo Wagon for the first time at the zoo. The boys enjoyed the freedom to run right up to the exhibits but by the end of the morning they all wanted rides...

L-R: Chase/Nick, Tyler/Pop Pop, Jackson/Me

Checking out the animals
Probably the highlight for the boys was getting to ride on the train and going through a long, dark tunnel! They're still talking about it today.
This one cracks us up! Not only are Jackson and Tyler (sitting next to me) shocked at how dark it is, but someone spray painted "HELP" onto the wall and you only see it if you take a picture!
And not the highlight for me... we had birds land on us to "eat" out of some little cups we were holding. I was cool with it until one landed on my head!
Clearly we had a great time!  A huge thanks to my mom for taking so many pictures for me. These will be nice for the boys' scrapbooks - so often I'm the one behind the camera!


MamaOtwins+1 said...

oh - I feel your pain, we were all sick this weekend too!

Those are some great pics you got at the zoo!

Brenda said...

Feel better all of you! Glad the zoo was a blast!

And seriously, what is it with tunnels and this age?!

Kris said...

Looks like your crew enjoyed the zoo! Hope you all feel better quick!

Momma-of-5 said...

Sorry to hear the boys aren't feeling well. That can really drain a mom! I love that you had your mom take the pictures. I need to do that more often. We went for a "hike" on Sunday, and at the last minute, I asked my in laws to snap a "family shot". Looks like a good time was had by all.

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