Thursday, September 17, 2009

Me Time

Yesterday was a crazy day, and therefore I never got around to the blog. The day was a good kind of crazy though, as the whole first part was filled with "me time"! I fully believe it is so important for any mom, whether she has 1 child or a house-full, to find some sort of "me time". It could be just letting the dishes sit for an extra couple of house while you do some reading, or having your husband put the kids to bed so that you can escape to a local coffee shop for some peace and quiet for an hour. My personal favorites are the mom's group at church (Building Better Moms) and scrapbooking!

Yesterday morning Building Better Moms started it's '09-'10 year! I'm co-leading this particular group with a friend and it has been so exciting just doing all the planning over the summer, but yesterday was really wonderful. I loved being in a room with 47 other women who are all at the same point I am - living life with early childhood aged kids. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the year and only wish the group met once a week (instead of twice a month)!

My other "me time" is my once a month scrapbooking night at church. For 3 hours once a month it's just me and a bunch of women in a room cropping away! Later this month we have an all day crop (13 hours!) and I'm really looking forward to that. Because of my commitment to "me time" I'm only about 5 months behind in the boys' books - and that's even with doing 1 book for each of them!

As requested by several friends, here are some of the recent pages I've done. (Sorry for the glare on some of them.)



Jennifer said...

The pages look great, Helen!

I know what ya mean about "me time". I'm dying for Monday when I can get Matthew back to school, since Caleb was home all last week!

I may get in my van and never come home again. LOL

Brenda said...

Thanks so much for sharing :) I love your pages!!! My favs... 3 Little Monkeys, Let it Snow, Great to be a boy, and the blanket. Love to get ideas!!

Me time is awesome! Enjoy it!

Sarah said...

You definitely deserve "me time" - I know how crazy it is with 3 toddlers. It's great that you have planned activities.

Kris said...

The books look great!

Noelle said...

What cute little boys! I'm a triplet too, but we're all grown up now. The pictures make me smile at my own memories!

Annie said...

Great books. I wish to have a group to enjoy "me time".

Missy said...

I just got shoved out there door tonight by my husband for some me time. I grabbed some coffee and went to the bookstore for a couple of hours.

I too love scrapbooking and we have a once a monther (is that a word?) at our church too. I may have to bring up the idea of an all day one. =)

What is the Building better Moms group? Is that similar to MOPS?

Helen said...

Missy, While I've never actually been to MOPS I suspect BBM is similar. The except is that we have groups for moms of elementary aged kids and middle and high school aged kids! Basically we meet, eat and listen to a speaker.

We just started doing an All Day Crop this spring and it was a huge hit! Definitely talk to your group about doing it!

Missy said...

That sounds exactly like MOPS except with older aged kids. How fun!

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