Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dear Tyler

Dear Tyler,

You've been my littlest guy since you were born but you more than make up for your size with your spunk and character. Daddy and I dubbed you the ham of the group a good 15 months ago at least and you've continued to live up to that name.

The facial expressions you come up with crack us up and make us say "aww" all at the same time. There's just something about your squinty wink that's simply adorable! That look has almost become your classic Tyler face.

Sometimes I wish I could harness the seemingly unending energy you have. I'm at awe sometimes how you can dance, twist and jump in the living room followed by wrestling with your brothers or your dad and still have enough breath to laugh hysterically. As amusing as your antics are, your quiet moments are truly endearing to me. The adorable way you can sit on the couch just holding your blanket up to your lips (not chewing on it like Jackson does with his, just holding it up) melts my heart.

Speaking of heart melting, there's just something about the way you look up at me with those big, gorgeous blue eyes that makes my breath catch sometimes. Pop that lower lip out like you so often do and I wish I could capture the look on film.

I love your love for books and the way you'll run and grab book after book just for the chance to cuddle in a lap for a few moments. I hope you never lose your love of reading or your love of sitting on laps, but I know when you're 16 you won't be into the lap thing so much.

You'll probably eventually be as tall as your Daddy but you'll always be my little TyTy.

I love you!


MamaOtwins+1 said...

i love the letters you are writing to them, it warms my heart. I also love his faces!

Anonymous said...

Helen, you are such an amazing Mommy and I hope you hear this often, as you deserve it. Those boys are lucky to have you. This post warmed my heart as well. ~Amy Korf

Brenda said...

Another perfect letter! Laughter through tears when I read about him not wanting to sit on laps at 16 YO.

Jennifer said...

Precious! Time flies so fast!

Steph said...

Too cute! I love funny faces!

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