Friday, August 14, 2009

Who Needs the Beach?

I often find myself jealous when I read other blogs about beach trips with their kids, or see pictures on Facebook of families at the beach together. Here in Kansas City there aren't a whole lot of beach options. Sure there are little lakes, but because the lakes are relatively small the water is like bath water and the beaches aren't very large.

Yes, I have beach envy. Growing up in Maine I never really enjoyed swimming in the ocean (it was always so cold by my house!) but I loved swimming when we'd camp at Cape Cod so I feel like my beach standards are pretty high.

The other day the boys showed me we don't need to go to the beach when we can have beachy fun in our back yard...


Christina said...

I get jealous too!! We have crap around here, so its the deck and baby pools for us!

Sarah said...

I'm glad you are able to improvise. Think about how excited your boys will be when they really do get to see the ocean. I love the beaches at the Cape too.

Brenda said...

Drew says he's jealous of the sandbox your boys always get to play in. While we live "right by" the beach - he's seen sand once (parks don't really have sand around here).

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