Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Family Walks

This week's Video Clip will be seen tomorrow! Watch for a special clip in honor of the boys' 2nd birthday!

The boys have a new favorite activity and I must admit it's quite enjoyable for Nick and me as well. The excitement lies in the .3 miles around the block our house sits on. Now we've taken the boys for walks in our neighborhood and the nearby trails since they were only a couple of months old. They've always loved the walks in the jogging stroller or the Choo Choo wagon, but I think they especially love these new walks around the block.

Yep, they get to walk themselves on our little journeys! It takes a solid 20-30 minutes to make the loop, but the boys love it. They get excited when they see dogs or cats in people's yards and they love to pick up little "treasures" (sticks, rocks, leaves and "prickly's").

It'll be sad when winter sets in here and we have to stop taking our after dinner walks!


Vanessa's Flowers, A Real Florist said...

Aaron is a rock collector. Still is and not sure when will stop.

brossettelewis said...

They will just turn into after dinner sleds. (Anything can be a makeshift sled)

Anonymous said...
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