Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Triplet Mom Skill #48

A triplet mom must acquire many special skills in order to effectively care for her crew. Such skills include (but are not limited to): shuttling three babies from bed, to the car and on to the doctor's office, calming three babies who all just received vaccinations at said office, listening to the incessant whining and crying of three toddlers and my personal favorite, keeping two other curious toddlers away from their brother's puke while you try to simultaneously clean puke up and calm the puker down.

Triplet Mom Skill #48 is the ability to change a crib sheet in the middle of the night and in complete silence, so as to not wake the two remaining sleeping children whose cribs are less than 6 inches from the one you're trying to change. I definitely posses that skill as I managed to do that at 2am this morning. This wasn't my first time either. A while back I did the same thing when Jackson puked in his crib. That time was a bit more challenging though as I was home alone that evening so I had to change Jackson, comfort Jackson AND change his crib sheet in the dark and in silence.

Alright, simply because a post on here wouldn't seem complete without pictures here are some random shots from the last week!

Tyler, Chase & Jackson feeding their friends

Pool time and Popsicles for the 4 boys!

Tyler and Chase


Momma-of-5 said...

LOVE the new look! It's definitely one that can grow with the boys for awhile!

As for changing the cribs...girl...you're crazy!

When I was potty training the big kids, I'd just throw an old towel over the wet spot and change the kid! They got a bath in the morning, anyway and the crib was SO much easier to change in the daylight.

Did I mention that my ALMOST 7 year old wet the bed last night? First time in like 3 years! She said she was so tired she couldn't wake herself up! Poor kid...

Brenda said...

I see 2 of the boys chewing on their blankets in the last picture. Is Jackson teaching them some bad habits?

And changing crib sheets in silence? I didn't know it could be done. You have super hero powers.

McTriplet Mommy said...


Four words - DOUBLE SHEET THE BED. This is how the boys' beds are made: mattress, waterproof mattress pad (you can obviously skip this step if the mattress itself is still a waterproof crib mattress), cheap plain white sheet, another waterproof mattress pad, top sheet. Then - in the middle of the night, someone pees or pukes (we did this in infancy because the boys had such horrible reflux) - pick them up and take care of them, tear top two sheets off and throw them in a pile to wash in the a.m. You've already got a made bed underneath! :)

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