Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Savings

No one store was having any super or amazing sales this week, so I ended up just getting a few things at several stores - including Target. Everything you see above cost $66.15 and here's what it includes:

Skim Milk - 1 gallon
Eggs - 1 dozen
Real Chocolate Chips
Frozen Veggies - 3 bags
Bananas - 3 pounds
Mott's All Natural Fruit Snacks - 24 pack value box

Crystal Light To-Go Packs - 2 boxes
Rayovac Batteries - 4 packages (2 batteries per pack)
Archer Farms Italian Soda - 1 liter bottle (just a little treat for Nick and me)

Hershey's Dark Chocolate Bar
M&Ms - 4 bags
Roberts Orange Juice - 1 Gallon
Whole Milk - 3 Gallons
Lime Juice
Seedless Watermelon
Whole Chicken Breast - 3.5 pounds

Price Chopper:
Boneless Skinless Chix Breast - 3.3 pounds
Ground Beef - 3.8 pounds
Ragu Sauce - 2 jars
Peter Pan Peanut Butter - 2 jars
Purex Laundry Detergent - 2 bottles
Green Grapes - 2.5 pounds

The Deals: Price Chopper is celebrating their 30th anniversary which is making for some nice deals scattered throughout the store. I picked up the two jars of Ragu for only .37 each (81% off)! Price Chopper also has Skippy Peanut Butter on sale for .97 a jar right now. The Price Chopper I visited was already out of Skippy on the first day of the sale so was instead giving Peter Pan PB in it's place. I was thrilled with that because I prefer Peter Pan over Skippy anyway. The Purex was $1.99 a bottle (54% off), the Boneless/Skinless Chix Breast was $1.49 a pound (63% off) and the Ground Beef was $1.47 a pound (47% off). Speaking of meat, I bought more chicken (split breasts) at Hy-Vee for .88 a pound. I know I said last week I wouldn't be buying chicken for a while, but I couldn't pass up these deals. Now I really don't need to buy more!

The watermelon from Hy-Vee was $2.88 (52% off) and the gallon of OJ was only $1.98 (57% off). Hy-Vee also had milk on sale and for once the sale price of whole milk was cheaper there than at Aldi (by .10 a gallon). Finally I snagged some treats (M&Ms) for Nick! I had two BOGO coupons for candy plus a coupon for a free package so I paid only $1.29 for those 5 candy items.

Target garnered some fun deals in their clearance and $1 sections. The batteries were in the $1 section and the Crystal Light was in the clearance section. I had coupons for Crystal Light so only paid .98 a box (75% off)!

Last but not least, the Mott's All Natural Fruit Snacks were a nice pick up at Aldi! The box has 24 packages and was $3.49. I've paid a higher per package price buying the store brand and they definitely are not all natural fruit snacks!

Total Before Tax, Sales and Coupons: $129.88
Total After Sales and Coupons: $62.57 - 52% off

Quick reminder for those that are new to this blog... Saturday Savings chronicals my shopping habits. We are a family of 5 who has a grocery budget of just $310 a month. That includes all food, toiletries, paper products and cleaning supplies. We eat out once every 3-4 months, so virtually all meals come from that $310 a month. I use The Grocery Game and visit sites like Money Saving Mom, Thrifty and Chic Mom and Frugal Freebies and Deals on a daily basis.


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