Friday, June 5, 2009

Potty Training Update

A few months ago we embarked on the adventure known as potty training. We've been very casual about it and therefore have experienced casual results I guess. Actually, we've experienced zero results. The boys love sitting on the potty but haven't seem to connect what exactly is supposed to happen there.

In the last month or so it's become increasingly frustrating for me for a couple of reasons. First, Chase especially has been really close to "getting it" but hasn't been which is a bummer! He'll tell us he has to go potty (using sign language) but by the time we get him on the toilet he has usually JUST gone. Second, the boys seem to be "holding it" until they get a diaper on. When we've been doing pool time we haven't bothered to put any type of diaper on them. Towards the end of the fun they'll start to act uncomfortable and when we ask if they need to use the potty they'll nod yes. We'll stick them on there and tell them to go and nothing happens. After a couple of minutes we'll put them in their diaper and get them dressed and within a couple of minutes that diaper is wet and/or dirty. ARGH!

We were beginning to think we'd need to try something bit more "extreme" (like just putting them in underwear and dealing with a mess for a couple of days each), and we may still need to do that, but last night Chase gave us hope!


I know you all care as much as I do, and I know you all were hoping to read about urine on my blog first thing in the morning. You're welcome :)


Jeffiner said...

WOOHOO Chase! WTG, buddy! :)

Kelleylouwho said...

WAY TO GO CHASE!!! :) You're boys are adorable and I love reading your blog! Keep writing Helen! God Bless!

kdliberty said...

Way to go Chase!
You are potty training them like girls (which can work in boys). Boys are so much fun to train. All you do is put cherrios (or friut loops) in the bottom of the potty chair (each boy will need his own) and teach them to "aim for the cheerios". (Your husband may need to show them how.)By the time the game gets old they will be use to being dry all the time and potty trained. Also, I knew a women that did this trick only she used a large glass jar she carried everwhere. BTW, they sell awesome rubber pants at Walmart that work really good over underwear while potty training! Good Luck!

Brenda said...

I for one am always interested in potty tales.. guess that's cause I'm a mom going through it too ;)

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Don't stress--it will happen when it happens! With Ethan I put blue food coloring in the toilet bowl, and told him to turn it green. It worked like a charm! :-)

thebestthingscomeintwos said...

Yeaaa! Thats awesome! I hope you have lots more happy urine posts in the future!

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