Monday, June 22, 2009

Fountain Fun

Last week the boys, my sister Laura and I went to a fun playdate at the Crown Center Fountains in downtown Kansas City. Without Aunt Laura there, we likely would not have attended this particular playdate; the boys don't really listen well and the fountains are not only crowded, but also right next to a busy street.

I'm really glad she could make it because the boys had a ball! My only regret was not having another adult there so I could take more action shots. Or maybe a bigger regret was not having a change of clothes for Laura and myself... we were pretty wet!

Be sure to check out the video clip of the week on Wednesday... Laura took a hilarious video of the boys on the way to the fountains!


Chase & Ty

Chase, Jackson & Ty having a cookie break

Aunt Laura and Jackson (I think!)

Aunt Laura being brave with Chase & Jackson

Aunt Laura & Ty
Aunt Laura & Jackson (I think!)
Ty, Chase & Jackson watching the fountain show (the fountains are synchronized with music)
Jackson, Chase & Ty


Helene said...

Goodness, they are so sweet!!! I had to laugh about the "I think" in some of the pics when you were trying to figure out who was who!! We have a water park similar to that one here but it totally freaks my kids out because the water comes out so high and so strong...they literally run away from it crying.

Hope you're having a great day! You were the commenter above me on MoM's so I thought I'd stop by and say hello. Funny....I saw your name and though "wait, I haven't commented yet" and then I realized it was "Helen", not "Helene"!!

Aunt Laura said...

hahaha what a good day :-) We're going to do that again soon and we'll know how to prepare better... more towels and dry clothes!!!

Brenda said...

I LOVE the pics of the three of them in matching clothes!

breckholladay said...

It had better be hot when we come. I want to go to the fountains with you and the boys !!

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