Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Savings

I'd like to begin this week's post with a round of applause for me... Late Thursday night my husband approached me with a bunch of numbers scribbled on some scrap paper. I knew he'd been in the back room entering final numbers into our April budget and I was nervous. I thought for sure he was going to tell me I'd gone over (by only a couple of dollars of course) on my grocery budget. Instead he told me for the first time ever, I came in substantially under budget! WOOHOO! I was $16 under budget for the month of April, which means I spent only $294 last month to feed our family and keep us stocked in paper products, cleaning supplies and toiletries. Yes!

Ok, enough of the gloating - now on to this week's savings! As always, the first trip of the month is a big one as it includes the monthly trip to Sam's Club. Total spent (including Sam's) was $116.70 and here's what that bought me:

5 pound block of cheddar cheese
3 pounds of pitted dates
4 pounds of Goldfish
French Toast Sticks
4 large bottles of apple juice
Whole Milk - 3 gallons
Skim Milk - 1 gallon
Peanut Butter
Cream Cheese - 2 blocks
Bread - 2 loaves
Chocolate Chips
Graham Crackers
Diced Tomatoes - 1 can
Bananas - 6 pounds
Dove Deodorant
Rite Guard Deodorant
Trident Gum 3 pack
93% lean Ground Beef - 5.20 pounds
Whole Chicken
Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
Kellogg's Apple Jacks
Kellogg's Fruit Snacks - 2 boxes
Pace Picante Salsa - 2 bottles
Colgate Toothbrush
Tomatoes - 2 large
Eggs - 18
Deli Ham - 1.25 pounds
Freschetta Frozen Pizza - 2
Tortilla Chips
Ragu Sauce
Cascadian Farms Organic Granola Bars
Breyers Ice Cream
Shredded Mozzarella - 4, 8oz bags
Strawberries - 2 pounds
Iceburg Lettuce
Pink Lady Apples - 6 pounds

Impressive list, huh? I snagged some great deals this week, so I really stocked up on some of this stuff (some items had limits as too how many I could buy).

The Deals: My first stop was at Walgreen's where I snagged the Dove deodorant for .99 (normal retail of $3.49 so 71% off). I got that great price by "stacking" a Walgreen's coupon from their sale flier this week with a manufacturers coupon I already had. I also found the Trident 3 pack for only $1 after sale and coupon. Next I hit up Hy-Vee where I got strawberries for .99 a pound (67% off!), Ragu Pasta Sauce for .69 (normally I make my own, but when Ragu is this cheap I buy it to have on hand), Breyers Ice Cream for $1.75 (56% off), Pink Lady Apples were $1.99 per 3 pound bag (50% off) and the Cascadian Farms organic granola bars for $2 (59% off).

Price Chopper had some truly fantastic deals but only if you shopped at a Cosentino's Price Chopper (PC's in this are are owned by several different groups). At Price Chopper the 93% lean ground beef was only $1.88 a pound (45% off), the fruit snacks were only .99 a box (65% off) and the Pace Salsa was $1.31 each (51% off). That's not all though. I also got my Colgate Toothbrush for FREE (on sale plus a coupon), I got the Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for only .67 and the Apple Jacks for .17! Yes, .17! I saved about 95% on those boxes of cereal.

I also was excited to see milk dropped in price a bit more at Aldi! Whole milk was down to $2.15 a gallon and Skim was $1.86.

(Below totals do not include stuff from Sam's)
Total cost before sales, coupons and tax: $145.01
Total cost after sales, coupons and tax: $73.33 (49% off)


brossettelewis said...

I bought my first 5lb block of "yellow eating cheese" last week and was afraid it would go bad it was so big. There is a difference in cooking cheese and eating cheese...this was just for slicing and passing around to needy little hands. Sadly we have 1/3 left. Better luck with your 5lb-er.

Helen said...

Yours goes bad Libby? How are you storing it? We cut ours into smaller blocks and store it all in a rubber maid container. Our 5 pound block lasts close to the whole month and never goes bad. We use it in grilled cheese, quesadillas, passing out chunks to the boys, etc.

The Best Things Come in Twos said...

Hi! I just found your blog through Multiples and More and I am addicted! Thank you so much for posting so much great information and for sharing your adorable boys! I'll look forward to keeping up with you all!

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