Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Childhood Oasis

Over the weekend our backyard went from "just a backyard" to more of a childhood oasis! On Friday Nick got the boys' sandbox put together and filled with sand and then on Sunday a neighbor we've never even met offered us their swing set. Apparently they noticed the large flock of children in our backyard over the past week and their kids had outgrown the swing set.

On Saturday afternoon Jackson, Tyler, Chase and their new friend Connor had a ball playing in the sandbox! See that green canopy? That cranks down to double as a cover for the sand! Perfect for keeping rain and stray cats out. We bought the sand box from Sam's Club, but now it appears Sam's no longer carries it, but Costco does (web only)... Here's the link.

Considering the swing set wasn't picked up (literally - it was carried down the street!) until after the monkeys all went to bed Sunday night, the boys didn't get to play with it until yesterday. Boy did they have a ball though! They've become little pros at going up and down the slide and are starting to figure out a couple of the swings.

Now that we have a coaster, a sand box and a swing set I'm thinking we'll pretty much be living outside this summer. Playdate anyone?! Generosity


breckholladay said...

Now you need a weed whacker to get around all of the stuff in the yard. The extra hour it will take to mow is all worth it.

Sarah said...

Looks like fun. The best outdoor toys are those that are hand-me-downs = free!!

Momma-of-5 said...

Awesome! What a great Mother's Day gift (so to speak). Now sunny days can really be busy! And we all know busy babies make great sleeping babies! You're such a great mom to give them a sandbox. I wish I could let go of enough control to let my kids play in sand.

Jen said...

So cool! You'll never get them to come inside again! LOL

mpannek said...

Looks like you'll be spending the summer outdoors and also in the bath tub!!! I'm also a bad mom... scared of the sandbox, LOL!

RoseAnneH said...

What a great play area you have now. You will have an incredible summer watching your boys play and playing with them. To the moms who are afraid of the sandbox - give in, it is a great way to foster imagination and creativity. It is really worth the extra sand on the kitchen floor.

brossettelewis said...

How fun. My boys would love a sand box.

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