Thursday, April 23, 2009

Random Bits of Life

It's been a fun filled few days here and there's still more fun to come! I could have broken each "event" into it's own blog post but then you would have been hearing about this stuff still late into next week. Instead this blog will contain a mini (emphasis on mini) blog about each of 3 "events".

Forward Facing!

This week, at just shy of 20 months old, we finally switched the boys car seats to the forward facing position. Legally speaking we could have switched them when they turned 1 as they were all over 20 pounds by then, but after reading up on some research and watching a frightening YouTube Clip that shows crash tests for kids who are RF vs those who are FF we decided to keep them RF a bit longer than "the norm".

It's been a cramped 20 months for Nick and myself, as in order to fit the three seats, rear facing in the back of our Jeep we had to have our own seats pulled almost as far forward as they could go. This wasn't as big of a deal to me as it was to my 6'3" husband. Now that the seats are forward facing our Jeep seems huge and I'm not as desperate to get a mini-van (although don't get me wrong, if someone offered me one I'd take it)!

The boys are loving their new view! They are so mesmerized by all that is going on around them that they forget to eat whatever snack I just handed them. I also hear "Ba!" (Bus) and "Cah!" (Car) a lot from the back seat.

Mr. Potato Head

Yesterday morning I noticed the Mr. Potato Head set in one of our closets. The boys hadn't had the chance to play with it yet, so I decided to give it a shot. First lesson of Mr. Potato Head play: only keep it out for short amounts of time and then place the set up out of reach. The pieces were EVERYWHERE last night!

Picnic on the Deck

I love this warmer weather and the freedom to eat on the deck that comes with it! Yesterday I was impressed with how quickly the boys were eating their PB&J sandwiches. That is until I noticed this...


Mother of Multiples said...

Ijust found you via..I love Multiples. I have to follow as I have 4 month old trip boys and I can see what the future holds by watching you.....I am terrified of them becoming mobile

Tamra said...

Stopping by from Mom Logic. I got my daily dose of funnies reading your post. I love the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. :)
Also, I noticed the kids trying to eat the pieces of Mr. Potato Head. Did you tell them that it's a toy and not real food. LOL Why do kids insists on putting everything into their mouths?


Sarah said...

I love how 2 of your boys are putting the pieces in their mouth in the Mr. Potato Head photo - so typical in our house! And yes, we have puzzle pieces and play kitchen food all over our family room at any given time when the girls are awake.

I'm a few days behind but I wanted to agree with several of your Mom Logics.

Rachael said...

we still haven't turned our carseats around, but mine are still on the small side so we are waiting until they are at least 2. they aren't very happy with me though :)

i love the pbj, too funny!

Jen said...

They look very happy to be forward-facing...and don't you think that they were just saving the pb&j for later? You know, so as to not have to bother you for a snack?!? ;) too funny!

Jen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
brossettelewis said...

That seems like a perfect place for a pbj nook.

Brenda said...

OK how funny is the "hide the PB&J" picture? Guess the boys weren't in the mood for sandwiches?

Momma-of-5 said...

Helen, the sandwich is hysterical! And way to go on Saturday Savings. Oh, and Happy Birthday Nick!!!

I haven't braved PB&J with the 3 yet. And I don't know why!?!?! I am definitely making them one tomorrow. I'm sick of the pickiness of them. I'm running out of ideas.

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