Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday Savings - Decisions, Decisions

I had a tough decision to make this weekend in regards to my weekly shopping trip. I had $9 left in my grocery budget for the month of February. March begins tomorrow. Should I just shop on Sunday or Monday so that I could brag that I'd come in under budget for February, meaning I fed my family for just over $300 ($301) or should I go buy some milk and eggs and try to make it until next week, thus giving me more of a head start budget wise for the month of March?

Oh decisions, decisions!

I finally decided it would be more beneficial in the long run for me to try to make it further into March before diving into my grocery money. This morning I headed to Aldi to buy 2 gallons of whole milk (I had some milk here at home still from last week's trip), a dozen eggs and some tissues for the 3 runny noses currently residing in my house. I only spent $6.80 on all of that (hallelujah the price of milk keeps dropping!) so decided to stop at Price Chopper on my way home. They had bags of frozen veggies on sale for only .49 each - normally $1.79 each. I snagged 4 and finished off the $9 I had left for the month of February.

I'm excited to now be able to wait 5 or 6 days into the month of March before having to dip into my grocery money. I guess this is where having that stockpile mentality with grocery shopping comes in handy! I have plenty of chicken, ground beef, pasta, sauce (homemade), rice, beans and fruits and veggies on hand so it shouldn't be a problem making it to next Thursday or Friday.

In addition to almost coming in under budget for the month of February, I came in under budget this month in the diaper department! For the month of February I spent $90 on diapers and wipes for the boys (our budget is $100). It's amazing me what several months in a row of super saavy shopping will do for our budget. I'm looking forward to March and am going to try hard to come in under budget again, both in groceries and diapers.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Congratulations! I always feel a triumph when I'm under budget.

Brenda said...

You're savvy shopping is starting to rub off on me! Great job sticking to your budget!

Pam said...

okay, i really want to try this. but i don't have aldi or price chopper here. even so, it's got to be possible, right? :)

Amanda said...

That's awesome Helen! You are getting so good at bargain shopping. I really need to put more of an effort into it.

kidscor said...

Helen - I knew you would have good ideas about grocery saving, so I thought I would check in with your blog :). I am just getting going on the whole stockpiling thing. A friend connected me with The Grocery Game. Not sure how I feel about the site yet. Do you use it? I do most of my shopping at Walmart. Do you have a way to check their weekly deals too? I'll take any advice you have. Thanks!

kidscor said...

PS - My google name is kidscor (original I know), but it's me Lori!

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