Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little Table

Months ago someone from church handed down their child activity table to us. We stuck it in the basement, knowing the boys weren't ready for that yet. Last week tables became the topic of choice in a yahoo group I'm in (for parents of triplets born within 6 months of each other) and it got me thinking that maybe the boys could handle it now.

On Sunday afternoon Nick brought the table up from the basement so we could try it out. After Nick left to head back to church, my sister Laura and I decided to find a spot for the table in the playroom. As we headed back to the playroom while the boys sat excitedly at the table in the living room, I told her I was interested to see what they did when left alone for a moment with the table.

When we looked into the living room about 90 seconds later this is what we saw...

Yeah... not good! We quickly moved the table into the playroom and began teaching the boys the table was for sitting at, not climbing on. There were lots of tears and tantrums over it, but by the time Nick came home that night the boys weren't climbing on the table anymore.

On Monday we tried coloring at the table! Things went well and the boys are fantastic artists. Biding for an original Jackson, Tyler or Chase starts at $10!

Tyler, Chase & Jackson coloring

Chase in front and Jackson in back

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breckholladay said...

You have just begun the fight between boys and climbing ! I will start the bidding for the original artwork @ $20. When does the bidding end?

Jen said...

I am searching for a table for mine. Leaning towards one from IKEA.

Rachael said...

we love our big kids table here too :) no coloring have inspired me to try it out though!

Auntie Laura said...

I think that was the first time I have ever been there with them freaking out that much! but their faces were pretty cute when they were all on the table even though it was something they shouldn't be doing! lol

Luckygirl said...

that top pic is fantastic! the expression on the one in the middle (chase? I'm just guessing - lol!) is priceless!

I just found your blog from pyjammy's blog and I love it. I have 9 month old identical twins but I don't think my boys look near as alike as your boys... hmmmm...maybe that's cause I see them everyday?

I'm also adding the momrevolution blog to my google reader. :)

Samantha said...

How in the world are you keeping the crayons out of their mouths?


Grandma RoseAnne said...

I'll go to $25 and I will come pick it up!

Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

Emma loves coloring at a table her size. I'm sure she would love to play with those cute boys of yours!

Renee said...

What? You mean sitting on top of the table isn't acceptable? Dang it anyway. Does that mean I have to stop too? :-)

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