Tuesday, November 4, 2008

We Voted!

So I tried to have this really cute picture taken of me voting, with the boys behind me in the Choo Choo... apparently the lady I asked to take said picture knew nothing about how to push a camera button because there's no picture on my camera! Bummer!

Anyway, I loaded the boys in the Choo Choo, threw some snacks, books and sippy cups in a backpack and we walked the 7 or 8 blocks to our polling location. We waited about 45 minutes in line and the boys were so well behaved!

If this mom of 3 toddlers can get out and vote today than surely you can too!


brocks*mom said...

Awww, bummer about your picture! I bet they were a hit at the polling place.

Kris said...

I took my trio in their runabout. We walked the 1/2 mile downtown and back. I live in a very small town - almost no wait to vote. I wish you had a pic- bummer!

Brenda said...

Who can't hit the button?! Bummer about being picture-less. And I'm glad to hear you were able to manage the 45-minute wait - not sure sure this singleton mom would've done as well. (but I braved it alone :))

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